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Our story begins many, many years ago when Bill was but a high school student. He learned leatherwork from a guy in his neighborhood who made leather belts and sold them to various stores and truck stops. (Is it any wonder our belts are absolutely second to none?!)

Flash forward a few years... as a LEO with the Raleigh Police Department, Bill had a hard time finding good leather gear that he liked. So he made gear for himself, fellow officers and others referred to him. (It was working the beat in South Raleigh where the nickname "Wild Bill" came about.)

Jump ahead almost thirty years to where we are today - with holsters in all 50 states, every major metro PD across the country, every branch of military and government, and in 47 foreign countries.

With 15 years of experience in law enforcement, 13 years as a certified law enforcement firearms training instructor including 8 years at the Raleigh Police Academy, and service with the Army 11th SF, Bill has decades of professional experience with firearms and concealed carry. His experience lends a tremendous amount of practicality and usefulness to our innovative designs.

Wild Bill's Concealment is your premier source and first choice for quality leather holsters, magazine carriers, belts and other CCW accessories, all hand made right here in America!

Nearly THIRTY YEARS of making holsters and equipment has just about made Wild Bill's a household name in the gun community. Our customers expect the finest products of the highest quality that they can rely on day in and day out. With clients in just about every major law enforcement and military organization world-wide, our customers trust their lives to Wild Bill's equipment. You should too!

Why should you choose gear from Wild Bill's? Here are a few reasons:

Wild Bill's is family-owned and operated.
Wild Bill's CCW equipment is bench made by hand.
Our products feature premium domestic bullhide.
Superior designs.
Tested and proven.
Whether professional or civilian, our customers are serious about their personal protection, demanding the highest quality and utmost dependability from their holsters. And they know where to get it - Wild Bill's Concealment.