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After hearing one of us talk about our holsters a lot of folks immediately assume we are experts in all areas of firearms and weapons use. One of the most frequently asked non-holster questions is “what is the best caliber/gun to carry?”

This is not a ‘bad’ question, but it is one that like so many in this discipline doesn’t have a quick or pat answer.

To me, for the most part, weapon selection comes down to exactly how serious the carrier is about what he is doing. This is not meant to slam, or demean anyone, every individual is different, and not everyone is as comfortable with carrying a fighting handgun (9mm or above in medium frame or larger) than others. To some, a mouse gun in the pocket is as much as they are willing to do – and while that is infinitely better than no firearm at all, it is nowhere near as effective as a full sized service pistol. While there are smaller handguns available in larger calibers, they are more difficult to shoot quickly and accurately, the two main criteria of a defensive handgun.

It seems to me that those who choose convenience over capability are fooling themselves as to why they are carrying in the first place. Again, this is not intended to hurt feelings, or take a jab at anyone in particular; I was in the same quandary for a couple of years. During and immediately following my bout with cancer I fell into the habit of carrying a titanium J-frame in the pocket as my primary carry piece. It was very lightweight, and I could easily carry and conceal it even in clothing I was wearing for chemotherapy and other treatments. With .38+P loads it was a real handful, but manageable, and it was enough weapon that I had peace of mind carrying. For a while.

Then one day, subsequent to the post-cancer surgeries I underwent, I looked at the J-frame and thought “Is this the pistol I would want my life to depend upon? Would I want to count on it to stop an enraged aggressor from hurting my family?” I put it in my pocket and continued to carry it - as a backup to the 5” 1911 I put back on my side and continued to carry from that day on.

I have since “retired” my 1911 and carry a Glock 17 on a daily basis. I have faith in the pistol’s capabilities as well as my own, and would not hesitate to carry it into harm’s way. While lighter than my full size 1911, it is still a large pistol, larger than many would consider to be concealable. I am average size, 5’9”, 185 lbs. My Glock conceals quite adequately with ordinary clothing and a well-designed IWB (our own Covert Carry).

So what is the answer to the “best gun” question? It’s pretty simple. It’s the largest handgun YOU CAN AND WILL CARRY, each and every day. So while you are determining that for yourself, here are two questions for you. Why do you carry a handgun? If it is for self-defense, then is the handgun you are considering or carrying the one you would want the life of a loved one depending upon? If the answer to the second question is “no”, you obviously need to re-consider your choice.