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I have noticed a trend in our postings on our FB page. It seems whenever I make a post that refers to the actual CARRYING OF A HANDGUN, we start getting negative comments posted by the leftist/statist types. Some of these are clearly playing out of the same book – two that I recently banned were both, coincidently, only interested in “understanding how I thought”, and how I could possibly disagree with their obviously enlightened and progressive viewpoints. Their posts were neither designed to further the discussion or genuinely seek understanding, only to serve as a soapbox for their agenda, therefore, after fair warning, they were banned.

It seems that as part of the efforts to unravel the Constitution and, particularly our 2nd Amendment rights, these folks have seized on the tactic of trying to make those of us who do care enough about ourselves and our loved ones to carry the means of immediately protecting them as the one that is in the wrong, perhaps even to the point of mental aberration. I mean, OBVIOUSLY, if we don’t agree with them that the State should be responsible for everything, including our personal safety, then we must be mentally defective or something, right?

What is it about these people that makes us so abhorrent to them? In pieces written on the “sheepdog” mentality, I have seen it said that the sheep cannot abide a predator in their midst, even if the predator is there to protect them. There may be some validity to this, for in any post where I mention the sheepdog/sheep analogy, the respondents do not argue that they are not sheep – only that they do not wish my (or any other armed citizen’s) protection.

To them I would reply not to worry their fuzzy little bleating heads about it. I do not carry my defensive firearm to protect them. I carry it to protect myself and the people that I actually do care about. That they may be protected as a result of this is completely incidental and unintentional on my part. So there.

Now that this particular matter has been sufficiently addressed, let us move on. The picture posted is of my EDC, or every day carry. It consists of my Glock 17, which comfortably rides in one of our Covert Carry holsters, a reload for said handgun (34 rounds – gasp!), pepper spray (less than lethal option), suitable folding knife (in this case an Emerson Commander, though that does change), and a Powertac E-5 flashlight rated at 700 lumens. My feeling is that this should be sufficient to see my way clear to most any adverse situation that I would encounter as an armed civilian. What think the rest of you? Oh – and by the way – as the more than 400 of you that regularly look at this page are reading this – WHERE IS YOUR GUN? (This seems to be the line that pisses the leftists off the most) If it is not within an arm’s reach... well, maybe you should practice bleating. Just sayin’.