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We don't associate with or tie our name to just anybody. And the companies, individuals or websites listed here haven't paid us a dime to be here. We like who they are and what they're doing. We figure you might, too. (For the sake of simplicity, these are in alphabetical order. We didn't place them according to our favorites first.)

That awesome paddle we use on our Fusion Paddle holster? It comes from these guys. When it comes to tactical carry systems, G-Code is an innovator and leader in the industry.

OneLife Screen Printing
Brandon has done some great work for us, and we're sure he can knock out some awesome gear for you as well!

Ranger Up
Quality clothiers for discriminating individuals from high class people. Okay. Part of that might not be exact. But if you don't have any of their shirts or swag, you really should!

Sage Dynamics
Aaron Cowan gets it. And he knows how to relate it to students. Great instruction and training.

Vickers Tactical
Top-notch instruction and training from the man himself, Larry Vickers.