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Our Clip-On Single Magazine Carrier uses the same aggressive talon clip as our Covert Carry IWB holsters to ensure a secure lock onto the belt. There is no way this carrier will come off unintentionally!

The Clip-On Single allows removal without having to take off the belt. Designed for outside the waistband carry, it can also be used inside. Just flip it around, secure the clip over the belt, and then reverse your magazine!

Many of our civilian customers don't quite fully grasp the logic behind carrying a spare magazine. "If I need more than the 15 rounds in my gun, I've got a really bad problem!" While this is very true, the need for a spare magazine still remains.

First, in the event of a weapon malfunction - especially a double feed - the only way to clear the jam is to drop the magazine out of the weapon, rack the slide, then reinsert a magazine. Not something you want to try to accomplish under duress with only a single magazine.

Secondly - heaven forbid you are ever involved in a firefight - once there is a lull in the action, you should find cover and execute an administrative reload. Take out the partially used magazine, insert a fresh one, and holster the partial. This way, you don't need to guess - you know exacly how many rounds you have in your weapon.

Keeps your spare mag tucked in tight to the body Designed to carry rounds forward Aggressive talon clip locks securely onto your belt Available in black or mahogany

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