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The pocket holster is meant to perform three vital functions when carrying the weapon in the pocket. Available for most small autos and revolvers, our Pocket Packer is ideal for the carry of small to medium sized handguns in the pocket. Made of natural finish leather, with the rough side out, it fits snugly at the bottom of most men's front trouser pockets, performing all three of the pocket holster's needed functions with ease and comfort. It is completely ambidextrous, making it ideal for carrying a back up gun on the weak side.

The flared hook to the side of the holster is the secret to the draw. When the hand pulls the weapon from the pocket, a slight backward pull is used as the knuckles clear. This catches the hook on the side of the pocket and pulls the leather off of the gun. Unlike many pocket holsters on the market, it is not dependent upon material construction to hold the holster in place, but is instead a mechanical function that will never wear out, no matter how long you use and carry the holster.

Want to disguise that bulge in your pocket more? Add a leather square made to snap onto the face of the holster. For a larger pocket gun, or tighter fitting pants, this has the effect of making the outline of the weapon appear to be a small notebook, or large wallet. When the handgun is drawn, the extended trigger finger pops the square off well before the weapon is out of the holster keeping it from interfering with the draw. The square is not ambidextrous, and must be specified for left or right hand use. The holster unit without the square can still be used on either side.

Designed for carry in either front pocket Minimalist design for comfort and concealment Optional concealment square to help break up the outline Optional concealment square snaps on and off easily Available in natural, black or mahogany

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